OilSpec International

OILSPEC WEB PIC 1OilSpec International is a Company made up of an experienced team of experts in various activities of the energy sector.

The employees of our Company have acquired their knowledge and skills through years of work in leading Regional and International energy Companies and State Institutions. We decided to use our experience and knowledge into synergies that will contribute to the quality of business for our partners as well as for the development of our Company.

OILSPEC WEB PIC 2Over the years, members of our team have developed and performed professional oversight of all segments of hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation, engaged in fostering competitiveness, management optimization in hydrocarbon industry, supervised quality and quantity of crude oil and liquid petroleum products in accordance with EU Directives and regulations of the Republic of Croatia.

Our Team was actively involved in the development of regulations related to legislation in the trade and quality of oil and petroleum products. We also have years of experience in the development of logistics, warehousing and trading of oil and petroleum products.


  1. 1. The Oil and Liquid Petroleum Fuel Supervision sector includes:
  • control of quantity and quality of oil and liquid petroleum fuels, liquefied petroleum gas and biofuels as well as compliance with the relevant requirements of regulations and standards.Picture3

       2. Technical sector

In order to protect the interests of our clients, we provide a third-party audit service. We conduct our audit independently and impartially with the aim of determining whether the criteria defined in the reference normative documents and the technical specification of the project itself are met. A systematic, independent and documented audit process, prior to production, reduces any production problems and ultimately damages to our Clients in the event of a deviation from the agreed technical specification.Picture5


  • detailed preparation for each project
  • trusted control is exercised by qualified and proven professionals
  • communication with service users for timely exchange of information
  • OilSpec's quality assurance system is complying with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 18001

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