Quality policy

In performing control activities of the quality and quantity of oil, liquid petroleum fuels, biofuels, LPG and oil industry equipment, OilSpec International, as an independent inspection body provides its services in accordance with the standard HRN EN ISO / IEC 17020: 2012. OilSpec is determined to include quality in all areas of its activities. Ongoing monitoring of the management system and performance testing has enabled timely detection of nonconformities by analysing which measures to improve and which preventive action should be taken.

Quality is created, enforced and controlled on a daily basis in every workplace, which can only be achieved through goal setting and careful planning.

We do not plan to deal only with control and inspection. Our desire is to participate in development, to be a useful partner that contributes to the development of our environment, existing and potential clients. To all our clients and partners, we have a unique and non-discriminatory approach, for the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Our employees responsible for conducting oversight are independent and impartial, free from all commercial, financial and other pressures from persons or organizations inside or outside the Company that could influence their decisions.

The mission of our Company is to become a recognized and leading Company in the field of inspection related to oil, liquid petroleum fuels and equipment for the oil industry, based on a superior service and the highest quality standards.

Our vision is to become a measure of excellence and expertise, and to expand our own potential through transparent partner-oriented business, to enforce positive trends and set new standards.

OilSpec International expresses its understanding of the importance of impartiality, independence, integrity, non-existence of conflicts of interest and objectivity in the conduct of inspection tasks and the achievement of set objectives.